Maurice Walsh is a native of Galway City and has been restoring old and antique furniture for the past 30 years.


Maurice completed an apprenticeship in cabinet making in 1982. The skills he mastered during this time enabled him to progress to restoring old and antique furniture.


For the last 30 years he has restored hundreds of pieces of furniture, antiques and heirlooms, including: dining-room tables and chairs, sideboards, over-mantles, occasional tables, writing desks.


In order to carry out proper repairs and replace missing parts on a  piece of old furniture, it is essential to remove  the old finish -lacquer, french-polish or varnish. When the old dark finish is removed from the piece, it reveals the most beautiful grain. He then re-finishes the piece of furniture preserving the patina.


Maurice aims to retain original material, patina and signs of distress as much as possible.

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